Propylene Carbonate Uses

VOC Exempt Solvent

Propylene Carbonate (DMC) received its Federal VOC exemption on January 13, 2009. As of March 1, 2011 it is exempt in 42 States.
Last updated: 03.2011; please contacts us for the most up to date information on the VOC exemption state by state.

Paints and Coatings

Propylene Carbonate can be used as VOC exempt solvent in paints and coatings as a tail solvent. PC is a slow evaporating polar solvent.

Cleaning Applications:

Alone or combined with other solvents, Propylene Carbonate is effective as a hard surface cleaner, polymer/resin cleaner, fiberglass, polyester and polyurethane cleaner.

Reactive Intermediate

Propylene Carbonate can be used for derivative chemistries such as carbamate formation, hydroxyalkyation, transesterification and others

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